Architectural Student Donated $1000 Of Her LottoSod168 Money To Lebanese Red Cross

Rosa Prashad from Brisbane, Australia, is an Architectural Student, Political Blogger and Online Gambler, who has been trying to learn Arabic for quite a while. One of her American uncles told her that Washington and New Jersey have the best Arabic schools in the US.

Rosa says it’s horrible that Lebanon has been through so much in recent history but hopes they will pull through. She believes donating to Red Cross is a way to help if you are not in Lebanon right now. She donated $1000 to them that she won with

Rosa has an Arab-American friend whose parents were going to teach her the Arabic only if she would read the Quran. Now, she has decided to learn the language for herself and neither for them or their beliefs.

Rosa says the biggest problem with the Arabic is avoiding the religion, she gives examples:-

How are you?: Praise to be Allah.

How will the weather be? Sunny, Allah willing.

Rosa says she cried for days after writing the place where the laboring job workers in Dubai live. She says they are literal slave labor camps – most of the people who actually build those those towers are migrant workers being paid little to nothing and forced to live in terrible conditions. She visited Dubai to better her grip in the Arabic. She wanted to learn to speak the language spoken in the place where some of the world’s tallest buildings exist.

Rosa doesn’t agree with those who say things like the slums are in so many countries, every country has its goods and bads and the situation is not different in India. She answers them that the slums are everywhere, one can’t deny that, but the companies that build these towers in Dubai are intentionally stuffing their workers into these places with no amenities, overcrowding and basically no human rights.

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