Earth Is Flat, Crypto Is Good, Daily Profit Pundit Sounds Like A Legit Mogul

Felix Nacson from Calaveras County, California, is a Christian Blogger and Flat-Earther, who relies on แทงบอลออนไลน์ website to make a living.

Felix believes that the earth is not an isolated system and receives energy from the sun. Hence, he believes the second law of thermodynamics does not apply. He questions “How come observers in South Africa, South America and Australia all see the constellation Octans when looking dense south, just slightly rotated? Wouldn’t they be looking in opposite directions?”

Felix answers to questions like “Why can’t I see the constellation Octans from anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, yet it is invariably visible due south (outwards on most models) on a Flat Earth? Shouldn’t it be visible east from some locations and times and west from others, and visible across the entire planet since it is above the horizon?”

Felix also questions like “With relative density, replacing gravity, why don’t water droplets in clouds, a thousand times denser than air, fall to the ground immediately? How do clouds exist at all?”

Felix writes earth is not a close system and there are ways out, but it is hard for stuff to escape. He writes energy gets in and out in the form of light very easily. Thermodynamically, earth is not a closed system, it cannot be, because the sun is not a part of the earth.
Felix believes the gravity pulls the air back down, so it exerts pressure on earth. That’s how gravity is believed to work and it makes sense with measurements.

Felix believes GR is not a force. In GT, everything stays but space curves to bring things together. He adds that curvature is visible in Mercury’s orbit and in the data from Gravity Probe B.

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