Full-Time Gambler Thinks Islamic Banks Would Be The Biggest Financers For Online Casinos Soon Enough

Mahamat Salih from Andong, South Korea, is a full-time gambler and blogger who doesn’t agree with those who say that there is no such thing as Islamic Banking but it is rather a new term invented in order to falsely convey to the world that Islam has its own banking system and it is a lot more feasible, advanced and realistic than the Western Banking System.

Mahamat writes on his blog that Shariah-Compliant finance is a lot more than just “No Interest Finance”.

Various private surveys done globally, especially in the 2nd World Islamic Countries have concluded that the implementation of the Islamic Banking System globally or only in Islamic Countries would encourage the use of online casino (온라인카지노).

Mahamat Salih

Mahamat believes that the demise of the Islamic Banking System lies not in the rise of the popularity of the “Interest-Based Loans” but rather the misunderstanding of the concept of ‘Sharing of Profit and Loss’ by the Islamic bankers themselves.

Mahamat has debated over 500 different people on live video calls who used to think that the sharing of their profits by a borrower is a far worse concept and idea than the borrower paying interest.

Mahamat doesn’t agree with those who claim that the recent rise in the financial assets of the 520 Islamic banks and 1700 Islamic Mutual Funds occurred due to the increases in the price of oil possessed by these countries but he believes that it rather happened due to more and more people (including Non-Muslims belonging to Non-Islamic Countries) acknowledging and well-understanding that Islamic Banking System is far more superior than any other form of banking system.

Mahamat believes that what they refer to as the tenets of the Islamic faith aren’t the tenets of the Islamic faith but rather universal truths.

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