CC2BTX Freak Rania Thinks She Is Better Than FIFA YouTubers

Rania Hamama from Cairo, Egypt, is a cc2btx freak, who is always on a lookout for new FIFA friends. It goes without saying that she has FIFA installed on her Personal Computer, PlayStation and X-Box.

Back in the March of 2021, Rania spent all her time playing FIFA 21 online. She played it with both salah and mane but she preferred mane because she found salah a bit clunky throughout 2021.

Rania doesn’t agree with those who think that FIFA is full of kids trying to trade.

Rania once tried her luck as a YouTube FIFA content creator inspired by her 3 favorites – Danny Aarons, Veron the Goat and Mcjell, but she failed as she is bad at promoting herself.

Rania says that during FIFA 2020, she got Veron in her Prime Icon Moments Guaranteed Pack and she was so depressed that she started looking for reviews and discouraged Mcjell. She writes on her blog that one of her best friends who also happens to be a FIFA freak, never opened an Icon Pack before but after watching a video of Mcjell, she opened one.

A grown handsome Arab man, who plays FIFA all the time and loves to argue with strangers on the internet is the most attractive thing to me.

Rania Hamama

Rania says that she loves to build others their FIFA team. Regardless of whether they have 87 Machis or 84 Bamford as their good players or not. She also doesn’t care much about how much money they have in their FIFA account.

Rania writes on her blog that the only reason she created it was to inform others regarding FIFA, to teach them different trading methods, how to do money and tell them what players are good at the moment. Although, I personally think that she should stop sharing her own selfies on her blog all the time; and I would say the same regarding her Instagram ID. She also brags that if she wanted, she could have made hundreds of thousands of dollars teaching FIFA online but she only likes to use it as a hobby.

Rania has always been actively exposing the so-called ‘YouTube FIFA Creators’ who don’t even have FIFA on their PC, X-Box or PS. She claims to have a secret method to discover their reality which she adds that she never shared with anyone before.

Rania even writes that she once thought of starting a “Old FIFA Accounts Selling” Business where she would sell these accounts for 6250 Egyptian Pounds each but then she thought to herself that it was immoral to do so and never took a practical initiative in that direction.

Rania claims to know a community which actively trades FIFA 2022 game for GTA V. She thinks some of these guys are already in the process of leaking much awaited GTA VI but they are too scared to do so.

Rania has a friend who still plays FIFA 2018 and she actively lists 2018 FIFA players on the PS4 transfer market.

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